Wallet For Men With Coins Holder

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Are you interested in buying a wallet , but you think many of the offered Wallets in the markets are not usefull and dont provide complimentary utilities , like a part of the wallet wher you can keep your coins safe , this why we want to talk about this Wallet .

This wallet was designed with a especially pocket to hold your coins in a safe place and to avoid lossing it during tour daily activities ans movements.

How this wallet  keep your money coins safe:

It contain tow pockets, one you can close it with a high quality zipper , and an other interior compartment pocket .

high quality leather :

the wallet is made with a high quality naturel leather, with a nice and attractive design.

we all know that stuff made with naturel leather are expensive but this wallet it’s not that expensive , about the price the wallet we are talking about it’s just 19.99 $ , if you have searched on amazon or similar online stores , the price it’s too much higher than 19.99 usd .

it came with tow colors brown and black , pick your favorite.

=> check the full description and purshes page for the BROWN wallet 

=> check the full description and purshes page for the Black wallet 

And if you think  you prefer a wallet with more secret pockets ,and a beautiful style so try this korean leather wallet with numerous  Compartments and ,  coin pockets and credit cards slots.

check this wallet here :


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