PRIVACY POLICY terms and conditions, and regulations for the use of Ouhid’s Website.

please note that we don’t use or stock your cookies or personal data, all your data are protected from being registered or used without your authorization, in some cases we use google ads or other ads networks, and they may use your cookies for best advertising experience.

costumers can register their payment method for simple purchase next time they want to shop, also they can modify this at any time they want or either remove it.

All visitors are allowed to share our store links in social media or personal blogs.

Visitors and customers are allowed to share photos and small paragraphs of our store and blog text content, in condition to attach original page’s link with the content snippet.

About Shipping: we ship orders as faster as we can, normally in one day order should be shipped out, in some cases, this may take up to one week.

After your order is shipped out you can’t cancel or modify this order.

Delivery time: delivery time start from 5 to 70 days all orders not delivered after 70 days will be refunded to costumers.

orders will be refunded if damaged or not as described.

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