I’ve Used Multivitamins And Inecto Naturals to Regrow My Hair

This is pretty much a given, as having a dietary supplement is crucial for overall health. When it comes to hair growth stimulation, you want to make sure it contains vitamin A, C, D, E, as well as the B vitamins (especially biotin).

The benefits of having a good multi-vitamin in your arsenal of weapons in the race to repopulate and your dome and regain confidence is often underestimated. It’s a basic tool, but boy does it get the job done. Here’s an interesting video from Doctor Oz, wherein he briefly mentions biotin. Figured you’d find the information beneficial.

Personally I use “Men’s Most Complete Multi” by Webber Naturals.

My Dosage:
I take one multivitamin after dinner daily.

Where to buy:
This is available across all major grocery stores. I get mine at Walmart,
because I live nearby one.
Alternatively you can buy it online at:


Inecto Naturals
I’ve tried a cheap ass hair care kit that had stuff like caffeine in it. Initially the shampoo and conditioner had really made my hair thick. But for some reason, I noticed more strands of hair getting stuck to my hands as I cleaned my hair. I kept using these hair products for a month before I switched over to a different brand. Not saying that goods with caffeine in it are bad – just saying that that about $15 for a shampoo, conditioner, and serum was too good to be true, at least in my case.

I’ve been using Inecto Naturals Coconut shampoo and conditioner for 4 months now, and the results I got from this was pretty decent. Made my hair softer and thicker. It felt cleaner too, but clean in a way that doesn’t suggest it’s been ravaged by harmful chemicals. Bonus is the pleasant scent it leaves behind. I hear women find guys who smell good and clean attractive.

The biggest reason why I picked this hair care set is the fact that 90 percent of composition is derived from all-natural ingredients. That was the biggest selling point. If I could find an alternative that was 100 percent all-natural, I’d definitely be open to giving those a go for a few months.

My dosage:

I use the shampoo every 2 to 3 days, while I use the conditioner almost every day. Sometimes I’d use the shampoo more frequently, especially on days wherein my hair got oily, which in turned made it go limp, which is never a good thing for aesthetics.


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