The 6 Best Hair Loss Treatment In The World

Hair loss is One most frequent hair problems ,specially for man and most of them loss their hair in age of 40 and hair loss can start at 18 year old, so this why a lot of man and woman search for a solutions, this make hair loss industry very successful and a source of millions for many doctors.

Not all hair loss treatments are , working for everybody , but your case can not be the same like other one , so this why you have to chose the treatment that it’s useful for your case , and more effective on your scalp, for example if you have a hair loss because a nutritional insufficiency , in this situation you need to resolve the problem of nutrition , using nutrition supplements , rich of iron and zinc biotin and B vitamins, it the list below we show you the best and most used treatments and drugs in hair loss industry.

1-Minoxidil (rogaine):

Minoxidil or rogaine is one of most effective solutions to stop hair loss in a short time and to regrow a new hair, it has a very powerful vasodilator properties , this make the blood flow more active and give to hair follicles a bigger chance to growth better and stronger.

2-Finasteride : pattern hair loss It’s a result of accumulation of dihydr-testosterone in the scalp , the testosterone is catalyzed by 5-alpha reductase , this enzyme catalyze the transformation of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, but finasteride has a great ability to inhibit the 5-alpha reductase , and stop the accumulation of DHT (dihydro-testosterone ), also stop hair loss.

3-Dutasteride : dutasteride has the same role as finasteride , when finasteride block 5-alpha reductase type I , dutasteride inhibit both types of 5-alpha reductase I and II, and stoping hair loss resulted of DHT accumulation.

4-nutrition supplements: it’s so interesting to improve treatment results with the use of nutrition supplements ,rich of constitutional elements of hair, like iron zinc and b vitamins ,those elements showed in many studies their efficacy to improve hair growth and activate hair follicles , also make hair stronger.

5- Hair transplantation: hair transplantation can stay as last option if all treatments didn’t work , transplantation based on planting preexisting hair in empty parts of head’s front, the planted hair stay and growth as normal hair, the inconvenient of transplantation the pain and expensive costs.

6-Medical Shampoos : your hair needs to be activated and stimulated , if not it’s will die slowly , so to stimulate your hair follicles you can use Medical Shampoos , that contain stimulators and nutritional elements , also contain dht blockers , those mixed spices are considered the best for  hair growth , and stop hair loss.

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